Negativity is something we can all do with a lot less of in our lives. The important thing is to recognize its presence and make that extra effort to alleviate it. It also helps to identify the things or people that bring forth these negative feelings, energy and find ways to eliminate or better cope with them. Don’t let the negative thought or feeling bring you down.

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M- Meditation


One thing that always helps me re-focus my positivity is some meditation. It doesn’t need to be long, even 30 sec or a min can make all the difference in the world. It gives me a moment to forget my problems and stress and just breathe and focus on myself for a moment. Self care is a huge step to being positive because if you don’t take care of yourself how can you feel happy or positive and spread that energy. Mediation is simple as taking a moment clearing your thoughts and focusing on your breath. Some people may need to take 10 min to accomplish this while others need only a min. Take your time and stay positive!

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L- Love


“All you need is Love” No words were more true. We all know how good it feels to be loved, but do we think about how we make others feel loved? My challenge for you today to to go out of your way to let the people in your life know how much they are loved. Friends, Family, significant other or anyone who has special meaning to you. Giving them that positive feeling will lighten their day and by extension yours.

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My apologies for being late on this post. Time got away from me yesterday. So, Karma. There are lots of theories on Karma and how it works but this is my thought on the subject. Karma is the reflection of the energy you put into the universe coming back to you. It may bounce back to you quickly or may take its time. The important thing is that it is what you make it, you determine your fate and destiny. If all you are emitting is negative energy that is what you are going to get back. However; if you make that effort to have positive energy and impact in life then that is what will come back to you. So think about what it is you are putting out there and how will getting it back make you feel.

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Life is one big journey. We are all moving along from point A to point B. One this to remember about this journey is everyone’s is different. We all have detours, forks in the road and things that may stall our journey. The important thing is to deal with them and keep going. Never give up! Life would be boring with the same old every day. We experience to ups and downs to make us the people we are today and the people we will become. Embrace your journey, the highs and the lows, and know in the end you will end up exactly where you were meant to be.

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For many people it can be hard to focus on a goal or purpose. Sometimes we do things but have no real idea what the purpose or goal of said task is. Setting an intention in anything we do can help focus us and keep an end goal in mind. When I started doing yoga something the instructors would always say is to set your intention for the class. What is your purpose? Are you hear to unwind, de-stress, focus on your breathing or asanas(poses)? Everyone has different intentions but naming them even in your mind keeps you on your own track.

So on this lovely Monday morning look

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H – Healing


When I talk about healing I am not just speaking physically, I also mean mentally and emotionally. When we work on healing ourselves it lends to improving our attitude and positive mentality. There are many ways to heal. Doctors, therapists, friends, family, yoga, meditation, coloring, crafts, cooking etc. Everyone heals differently, try different things and see what is right for you.

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G -Grateful


One thing that I have found to help me stay positive is being grateful for what I have in life. Being grateful and letting others know you are grateful really can lift your spirits and make you feel better just in general let alone when looking at your life and experiences. It helps us not take for granted what we have and gives us a better perspective.

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F- Failure


Everyone experiences failure in their life. It sucks and no one really enjoys it but lets look at it this way. Failure gives us a moment to stop look back reassess and try again. Don’t look at failures as the end all be all, look at them as opportunities for improvement. We learn from mistakes it is what makes us human. So do not dwell but transform.

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E- Effort


Being positive is not something that just comes naturally to most people, for a lot of us it takes effort. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot! With a little effort in our lives we can achieve more than we imagined we ever could. Now there are some days when making the effort to stay happy or positive isn’t worth to us and you what? That is ok! But the point it to think about it and maybe set an intention to make that extra effort to be positive. Give it a shot and if you do not succeed today there is always tomorrow.

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