For many people it can be hard to focus on a goal or purpose. Sometimes we do things but have no real idea what the purpose or goal of said task is. Setting an intention in anything we do can help focus us and keep an end goal in mind. When I started doing yoga something the instructors would always say is to set your intention for the class. What is your purpose? Are you hear to unwind, de-stress, focus on your breathing or asanas(poses)? Everyone has different intentions but naming them even in your mind keeps you on your own track.

So on this lovely Monday morning look

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  1. I like this idea! So often I set goals, and don’t achieve them. I think one reason is I don’t set my “intent” as you say.


  2. Yes! I totally agree with this! Being intentional, knowing the purpose….it makes everything so much better! Great post!


  3. I think that is good to look at something with intention and to make it a habit to start the day like that!



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