Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Beauty is skin deep. We have all heard phrases like these, but what is beauty? Different things are beautiful to different people. Some people and cultures view beauty as a bad thing while some revere beauty as the be all end all of life. I feel that everyone should embrace their own beauty and learn to admire the beauty around them. For me nothing is more peaceful that just sitting outside and listening to the chirping of the birds, the beauty of their song lifts my spirits and helps me find a better perspective.

What beauty inspires you?

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  1. Oh there are many kinds. The beauty of flowers, of the sky on a sunny day and of the fireflies at night. The whole incredible beauty of nature.

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  2. All kinds of beauty, even in an ant walking across the kitchen counter!

    when there’s colour, and air,
    and sky, and ground,
    in those few things
    will beauty be found ..

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