Words that can describe motion I find to be terribly fun; especially when writing either narrative or poetry. The word undulate always makes me thinks of the waves against the bow of a ship or a snake slithering in the sand. I love the imagery brought by specific words.


[v. uhn-juh-leyt, uhn-dyuh-, -duh-; adj. uhn-juh-lit, -leyt, uhn-dyuh-, -duh-]
verb (used without object), undulated, undulating.

to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement:

The flag undulates in the breeze.

to have a wavy form or surface; bend with successive curves inalternate directions.

(of a sound) to rise and fall in pitch:

the wail of a siren undulating in the distance.
verb (used with object), undulated, undulating.

to cause to move in waves.

to give a wavy form to.

Also, undulated. having a wavelike or rippled form, surface, edge,etc.; wavy.
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  1. I love this word! I wish i could use it more often…
    ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com


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