Books Feb- March 2015

I am behind on commenting on the books I have been reading. I am going to go over the last few months now and will try to keep them up to date this month while I am doing the A-Z Challenge.

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn- I liked the concept of this book and some of the ideas presented made sense to me but the way it was written made it feel over my head. Deep philosophical thinking is how I would describe this book. I do not mind deep thinking but I prefer a more character driven approach.

Revival by Stephen King- Classic Stephen King writing with a touch less scary than normal. I appreciated the character detail and growth. I was kept guessing as to the real purpose of the revival. A great read.

Hex Hall Trilogy by Rachel Hawkins- A quick and fun YA read. Fun characters and interesting situations. Reminds me a touch of Harry Potter.

Dark Angel & Fallen Hearts by VC Andrews- I am loving this series and am finding the characters even more likable than the other Andrews books I have read.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Powell- Such a great story. I love reading about young love. Awkward yet interesting characters. The ups and downs of family life. So many things brought up in the compelling YA book. I highly recommend it.

Crystal Deception by Doug J Cooper- I stumbled upon this book and its sequel which I have not read yet because the author followed me on Twitter. I thought the concept of the book was intriguing so I gave it a try. I was more than happy I did. AI mixed with super spies and sci-fi this book has it all. I could not put it down and am anxious to read the sequel.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern-  The moment I finished this book I wanted to read it again. Such an amazing story that weaves back and forth through time. Every character sparkles with a unique personality and purpose. The Night Circus was an amazing tale of magic, illusion, mystery and love. A MUST READ.

An English Ghost Story by Kim Newman- A different take on a ghost story. It starts a bit slow but once it gets going it is hard to take a break. I very much enjoyed the concept.

City of Screams by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell- A short story to start the Sanguine series by these two phenomenal authors. Creepy and mysterious it sets the scene for Blood Gospel the first book in the series I am currently reading.

COMICS COMICS COMICS- I am an avid comic reader and have several trade paperbacks I have read that I had to share.

Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean-The art is stunning and the story creepy. A must read for any Batman fan.

Sex Criminals Vol 1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zadarsky- Very cool concept. Having an orgasm literally stops time for these two comic book “heroes? crooks?”

American Vampire Vol 1 by Stephen King and Scott Snyder- A friend recommended this to me and as soon as I heard Stephen King and Scott Snyder I knew it would be a book for me. King is a master of horror and I fell for Snyder due to his work on Batman. They did not let me down. Set in early 1900’s we learn of the new American Vampire and the conflict with the vampires of old. Every page is stunning and the writing is suburb.

Preacher vol 1 by Garth Ennis-  Dark, gritty and compelling. I have heard many great things about this series and now I know why. It Rocks. I am completely invested in this story and can’t wait to read more.

Saga Vol 1 by Brian K Vaughn- Foreign creatures in a foreign world. Star crossed lovers and a baby. Firefights, bounty hunters and ghosts. Need I say more.

Six Gun Gorilla by Simon Spurrier- Also a recommendation I never would have picked this up on my own but again and thrilled I did. Fantastic art and a creative story mixing futuristic tech and the good old west.

I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly- WOW, WOW, WOW. I am completely in love with this book. A different style of art that I am fascinated with and a story that is unique and melts the heart. We all kill giants in our own way.

Ok so that pretty much catches up the books I have been reading. I have many many more in que to read this year. If you want to know what I am currently reading or plan on reading next feel free to add me on goodreads.

Have a great one!!!!

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