Jan Books Part I- (may contain small spoilers)

Started reading my Jan books early because I just couldn’t contain myself. I am not going to draw on and on about each but just some short thoughts and comments on each one.

1. Forever by Judy Blume- I really liked the tone of this book. Not only was it relatable for teens but it had a realistic take and perspective on young life. I had only read Blume’s books for younger children so to read one set for teens was great. I found the parents a little flippant when it came to their kids. I don’t know any parents who leave their teen daughter and boyfriend alone in a room downstairs while they go upstairs and to bed. I mean I know trust is important but come on. The book definitely dates itself. No one writes letters to each other anymore. It was interesting to see and remember a world when we couldn’t email or text at a whim.

2. Jason by Laurell K Hamilton- I have been a die hard Anita Blake fan since I was in the 7th grade so I am always thrilled when a new book in the series comes out. This one was centered around on of my favorite characters in the series. Jason is a smart ass and a good guy who just needs someone to love. He has a wonderful girlfriend but needs her to understand his needs. Yes the book is filled with smut and mini orgies of a sort BUT it still has the characters I have come to love and it furthers their development and story for the next book. I for one have never had issues with sex in books and I know many people critique the series because it has more and more sex as it has gone on. I feel it is part of the story and relevant. Anyways, I loved this book and as always eagerly await the next book in the series.

3. Holiday in Death/Midnight in Death by JD Robb- I am truly enjoying this series. Each book has a new murder mystery that is just as intriguing and creepy as the last. The Holiday one was exceptionally brutal BUT it served a purpose and helped with some strong character development. I like seeing Eve let her guard down and accept people into her life as either lover/husband or friends. It makes her vulnerable yet stronger at the same time. Midnight also showed an extension of her fierce loyalty to friends and determination to be the best cop she can be. I wish I hadn’t discovered this series so late but it works because I have so many books to read I wont have to sit and wait for the next one for quite a while.

4. Heaven by VC Andrews- After reading the Dollanganger series and My Sweet Audrina I was reluctant to try another VC Andrews series. I could not be happier that I gave it a shot. This book is the first in the Casteel series and I loved it. The story was engaging and there are likable characters which was my biggest obstacle with Audrina, I didn’t like anyone. These children growing up in the backwoods in a small cabin scrapping by to eat and stay alive. Sold off to wealthy families by their father they live separate lives hoping to someday find one another. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series to see what fate has in store for these characters.

So those are my books that have been read so far for Jan book clubs and such. I still have Jim Otto’s book, Ishmael,Revival and Conspiracy in Death left for “Jan” and many more lined up for the year.

Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore BUT if anyone out there has book recommendations I would love to hear them. I will read almost anything!!!!

Have a great one!

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