How Christmas Music Could Have Killed Me!

It is that time of year again, Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells coming from the radio day in and day out. Personally I love my Christmas music. I wait all year for the day after Thanksgiving so that Christmas music will be “legal” in my house and at the office. Last night my love for Christmas music however could have been potential fatal. Driving home after my book club I had my Christmas music blaring and just after I exited the freeway the song “Christmas Shoes” came on the radio. (If you do not know this song look up the lyrics, sad, sad) I was helpless and yes I should have changed stations but I didn’t. Instead I was reduced to a sobbing, hormonal, female mess. Literally racked with sobs, I could not see because to wipe the tears from my eyes I had to move my glasses that I cannot see without. This made me think, dear Lord, what if this had happened while I was still driving on the freeway? Trying to wipe tears and being unable to see could have been disastrous! I get home and the boyfriend sees my eyes all red and I tell him why. He laughs at me. Yes I am a sentimental sap I know. However the moral of this story is always change the channel if a potentially sad song comes on.

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