Brain Power

I am always amazed at how powerful the human brain can be. People use thew phrase “its is all in your mind” and it very well may be, but by just putting a thought in our head we can ibrainpower-1mpact our entire day or life. I know the days when I wake up and think “This day is going to suck” it usually does. Then there are days like today when I get up and think “It is Friday today is going to be great” and you know what; so far it is. The power of positive thoughts and the impact the actually have on us is pretty cool. I do not have any fancy statistics or quotes to throw at you but I am sure there are plenty of them proving that a positive out look creates a more positive and happy person. All of this comes from the power of our brain to influence and effect us. Our brain can make us feel good, bad, happy and sad just by releasing certain chemicals. If we tell our brain we are happy and want to be in a good mood usually it works, unless there are some extenuating circumstances like chemical unbalances, depression etc. BUT as a general rule if you think happy thoughts; you go to never-land. Just kidding! Seriously though happy thoughts can positive attitudes are what can get me through a day that would normally have me in tears under my desk with my knees to my chest and rocking back and forth. Please do not misunderstand I am not always a happy, positive and cheerful person. I have had plenty of days where I am cranky, sad, negative and miserable human being to be around. I usually blame these days on stress because lets face it in today’s fast paced and over stimulated world sometimes it can completely overwhelm us. I do not propose to have a cure for these days or circumstances I am merely suggesting that with our minds and “happy thoughts” sometimes we can turn things around just by telling our brain to make it so.

Kind of cool!


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