Home- A Challenge- Out of My Element

In response to a Challenge by Opinionated Man http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/05/21/wordpress-challenge-out-of-your-element/ I have written the below short story. I usually do not write fiction other than poetry because I tend to loose my train of thought but this one came nicely for me. It is simple but I like things that way sometimes. Hope you enjoy!

I stared across the pond from her perch in the large oak tree watching the ripples dance across the watery surface. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes I let the reality sink; after tomorrow this would no longer be home. Climbing down from the tree I cast one last glance at my childhood pond and ran toward the house up on the hill.

As I scrambled to pack my bags and check everything off my list I kept having this nagging feeling I was forgetting something. I knew there were some things that had to be left behind but this was important I just knew it. Time was ticking so I grabbed my bags and ran down the stairs to my mother and father waiting for me in the car.

The campus was packed with the hustle and bustle of students arriving. People from all over ready to begin their new life in college. I took a deep breath and walked to my new room where I would spend the next four years. My parents helped me bring my few belongings to my room and we said our tearful goodbyes. I would not see them again until holiday break.

After they left I started to unpack. About half way through I realized in terror what I had forgotten. To some it may seem silly and childish but I never went a night without my baby blanket by my side. The soft satin between my fingers always had a way of soothing me to sleep. I felt panicked and lost. I left a message on my parent’s phone to ship it the moment they got home but what would I do until then?

I decided to go for a walk feeling completely disjointed and out of place. All these people with happy excited faces and all I wanted to do was cry. This place is huge I thought as I wandered aimlessly. After some time I found a hill and just over that hill was a sight that took my breath away. A small pond with oak trees around it. To many it would be nothing special, especially with all the other delights of college life but to me it was an anchor, a reminder of home.

I spent several hours watching the pond tucked under the trees shade. When I felt at peace again I made the trek back to my dorm room. I called my parents again, told them to forget about sending the blanket. I needed to be on my own without the security of home. This was my new home, for now, and I knew my true home would always be waiting for me when I was done with this journey. Anytime I started to doubt that I would go and sit by the little pond and feel once again at ease.

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