People’s Attitudes

Today I got to thinking about how diverse people can be in the attitude they have about life and the world in general. Obviously all people are diverse and have their own thoughts and beliefs but what shapes the attitude of an individual. Maybe it was the environment and circumstances in which they were raised? But then again some people are positive or negative then change later in life as well. So this leads me to think it is our experiences all through out life that shape the attitude we have. Some people are always bright and cheery. They have a positive outlook on life and the day ahead of them. Others, the negative people are critical, easily annoyed and never think anything good will happen. I am not saying every person is either one or the other. I myself fall somewhere in the middle. It is more of a spectrum between annoyingly happy and irritatingly depressed. Everyone experiences a range of emotions but some seem to be stuck in a rut of negativity that effects not only them but everyone around them. People don’t tend to like being around someone who is always negative, never motivated and never makes the effort to improve their situation.

What kind of attitude do you generally have? Why do you think that is?

Just Curious!

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  1. I wake up every morning thinking it will be a great day


  2. I think people can have a lot more control over their attitude than they think. It takes work to develop a positive attitude, but it is an amazing journey.


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