Here comes the heat!

And so it begins! Today’s forecast is 90 degrees Noooooo! Do not get me wrong I love my Cali weather but I hate, I repeat, I hate the heat. I would love to live someplace where the temp is between 50-70 degrees all year round. I don’t like extreme cold or heat so ideally Cali is best for me but still it takes time to acclimate to the heat when a week ago it was nicely overcast and rainy. I am thinking it is time to go visit Santa Cruz, CA again soon! 


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  1. Here in Tennessee, we think of California as the place where temps are around 70 degrees all the time…I know that’s just select parts. It’s hot here from May until October…we hit 90 degrees and above most days and it’s just miserable. Yuck!



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