W- Water

I love the water. I find nothing is quite as peaceful as a creek, river or ocean. I also enjoy the sound of the rain. The sound of water in any of these forms calms and relaxes me. I stop and think of how important water is to our lives. Not only do we use water to bathe, wash dishes, clothes or water the lawn but we need it to survive. Without water we have no life. So in my mind when I hear running water it is almost like a life pulse. Something that nurtures us and all life. I think sometimes we take for granted that which we have easily at hand but without we would cease to be. Just a thought.

Have a great day!

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  1. We have a pond behind our house–it’s beautiful. Although living near the water caused our house to flood in 2010…so it does have its downfalls!



  2. My W is for Water too 🙂 *high fives*

    I have always been drawn to water, which is why when my husband and I started talking about where we should move to (we want a change) I was like ‘Anywhere near the ocean!’ I’ve never lived near the ocean before, but I would very much like to 🙂


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