S- Sign Language

I love American Sign Language or any sign language for that matter. Every nuance from use of space and movement to facial expressions I find absolutely fascinating. This Saturday I get to put my knowledge to the test as I am attending the screening day for acceptance into the Interpreting program. I am nervous and excited. This is what I have been working towards for so very long. The more I practice and study the harder I fall for this language. It is not just the language either. It is the culture, community and history of Deaf people that brings it all together in this amazing world I hope to be a small part of. If you have never taken a sign language class or had to opportunity to watch it being used by native signers I encourage you to give it a try. It is a stunning visual language that leaves me breathless.

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  1. Very best wishes for being accepted into the program! What a wonderful skill you’re acquiring.

    New Zealand Sign is one of our three official languages here in New Zealand. That doesn’t mean many of us know how to use it! But it does give Sign a special legal status, so it can be used e.g. in Parliament (we have one profoundly deaf MP).


    • Thank you!

      That is wonderful that New Zealand recognizes Sign as an official language! Here in the US we still struggle for people to recognize sign as a language.


  2. http://thegeneralsays.com/

    S- Sign Language | Kris’s Chaotic Random Insights and Rambles


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