Q- Quiet

In a world full of the hustle and bustle of everyday life I find it is so nice to sit relax and enjoy the quiet. It gives me a sense of peace and a moment to relax and unwind from a busy day or life. Some people find the quiet unsettling, it makes them jumpy or nervous. Others like me find it soothing. I will never forget when my boyfriend told me that he knew we were perfect for each other when we were able to sit together somewhere and just be silent and it wasn’t awkward. It was comforting to be near each other but words and noise and distractions were not necessary. Just being close together and enjoying the quiet was enough, there was no need to fill the empty space with words. So when I sit in a quiet place or space I think of that, how we do not need words or sounds to simply be in a moment either alone or with someone.


*This is a day early as my weekend is going to be hectic and I do not want to forget to post.*

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  1. Usually I need some sort of background noise. It doesn’t need to be loud, I like quiet, but I am not a big fan of silence. I agree with your boyfriend though, I can’t imagine being with someone who I couldn’t just sit with without talking comfortably.


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