P- Persistence and Perserverance

If there is anything I have learned in my lifetime it is that to succeed we must be persistent in our goals and persevere through the obstacles that life may throw at us. I am not saying this is an easy task. We all struggle at one point or another; but each day we can be one step closer to what we want if we just keep at it. I remember first learning this lesson in school when I wasn’t getting something. I was told to stick with it, do not give up. Sure enough I would eventually get it and move on to the next challenge. If we do not endure the hard times it makes the good times not only less satisfactory but less meaningful, at least to me. I think achieving something means so much more if you worked hard and overcame much to get to that point. So my point is never give up no matter the obstacles and you can persevere and do or be something great.

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