N- Naps

I love naps. Nothing is better than curling up in bed in the middle of the day even if for only 30 min. I must admit some of my naps range from 15 min to 3 hours and yes I know shorter naps are better. My boyfriend works nights so on weekend when he goes to bed between noon and two I get to take a nap with him while goes to sleep. This is always nice since we only get the two nights a week he has off to actually get an entire night together. So I take the time I can find to curl up and sleep with my honey. When I was little I hated naps. I had so much energy I couldn’t sleep. Now After a long work week I am always down for a nap.

Anyone else nap often, occasionally and how long?

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  1. I love naps too! I don’t get naps often, but when I get them, I love them! 🙂


  2. Dude, I love naps. And I especially love naps with my husband. You’re preaching to the choir on this one LoL


  3. My husband is a napper…in fact, he just took one…at 7pm! He’ll be up ’til midnight while I go to bed at 9 or 10 pm. I’ve never been a napper. When I’m up, I’m up for the day. If I do take a nap, I wake up with a headache–I’m told it’s because I’m waking up at the wrong time within my sleep cycle when I nap.

    Visiting you from the A to Z challenge sign-up page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip


  4. I don’t have time for napping. My body has adapted, although it took a while. I think the insomnia kind of had a hand in the whole process too… We always have a Sunday afternoon nap, but that’s pretty much it.

    True Heroes from A to Z


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