M- Military

First I would like to say I truly do appreciate all that the men and women who serve this country do for us.  I never want it to seem like I do not recognize everything they do for us; However today is a hard day for me. My baby brother who is 19 years old ships out for the Army tomorrow morning. Tonight will be the last time I will see him until January 2015 at earliest. He has signed up for 5 years and will be a man by the time he returns. 1926882_10202468585709711_1876000342_nI will admit I don’t want him to go. I wish he had the money to go to Lineman school now so that we will not miss out on so many years of his life. But life does not always go the way we ant and he is sure this is what he wants to do.  Like I said he is my baby brother and it will be hard to not have him around. We also have a 7 year old sister who absolutely adores her older brother and I know him leaving is very hard on her. They have been inseparable since the day she was born. We will all miss him so much, it makes me sad to see him go but so proud that he has made a decision and is going for it.




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  1. I was two years old when my older brother went and joined the army. I saw pictures of him but didn’t get to know him until he came home. He put almost ten years into the service of our country. He came home with a wife and daughter I didn’t know. It was very hard to connect to all of them since I was so young when he left. But I’ve gotten to know my big brother and he is a remarkable man.


  2. I’m sorry that you have to go through such a difficult time. It must be hard on everyone who loves your brother, and him as well. Just imagine how awesome his homecoming in January will be!


  3. So sad and so thankful for our men and women in the Military. Praying everyday for them.


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