K- Kindergarten

***Ooops looks like I got a day ahead by posting on Last Sunday! So here is my K I will take the weekend off and be back on track with L on Monday. Thanks to everyone who is following and reading. I am enjoying this challenge quite a bit. Obviously there is no theme or rhyme or reason; just whatever pops into my head. ENJOY!********

I look at my little sister and how much fun she has in school and it makes me think of how much fun and simpler life was when we were small. You got to see your friends everyday, color the alphabet and best of all take naps. I miss the days of mandatory nap time; although at the time I despised it because there was always so much fun stuff I wanted to do. No, however, I would kill to get a nap. Even a short one. We didn’t have to worry about things like money and bills but only about what games to play. When we are small all we want to grow up and when we do we suddenly realize being a kid wasn’t really all that bad.

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  1. Yep, being a grown up is over-rated.


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