F- Food

Well what can I say about food? I love it, everything about it. This of course is my downfall, or was, as I am learning to make better and healthier choices. Firstly I do not have a sweet tooth, I can easily pass up those cookies, chocolates and doughnuts. My problem is bread, cheese and salty snacks. People always think dieting and food selection is about calories and fat but those nasty carbs are something you really have to look out for. I am doing much better at that, although I did catch myself staring longingly at a loaf of sourdough bread the other day in the store. I am attempting to master the art of staying within 1,500 calories a day and balancing out fat/carbs/protein. It is taking some getting used to but I am well on my way there. The hardest would be eating out, most restaurants have a few low calorie options but the selection is slim. And ordering a salad forget about it most restaurants salads are as many calories as a cheese burger for crying out loud. Every time I am tempted I remind myself I am doing this for my health and happiness. I want to live a long life surrounded by my loved ones. I just need to keep that in my mind and keep going. This will have to be a lifetime thing a change that will be best for me. Wish me Luck!!!

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  1. Good luck. This weight- strugggle is a constant struggle for me too ! 😐


  2. I do not have a sweet-tooth too. But I am toothless i suppose 😐 I hate everything Ntn fascinates nor tempts me :(. Im too lean. But Im dying to gain some weight 😦 We all have our own struggles. 🙂

    Live Laugh Love With Sharu


  3. Oh gawd. This. So much this. I feel like you pulled this out of my brain.

    For what it’s worth, I’m cheering for you.


  4. Awe thank you!!!


  5. Good luck! I’m your opposite ’cause I have a sweet tooth. Heh. I get weird chocolate, ice cream or cake cravings sometimes so it’s kind of bad…


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