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Exercise some of us love it and some of us loathe it. I fall somewhere in between. I hate the time and effort of actually going to the gym but once I am there I feel good and am glad I went. Recently I purchased some personal training and have been going 5 days a week with training sessions for an hour two of those days. Is it worth it, yes! I am learning a lot not just about weight/resistance training which I had never done. I was strictly a cardio girl before. I have also been watching those calories but we will talk about food tomorrow. The exercise other than helping me lose weight makes me feel good. It gives me energy and has alleviated those stress knots I tend to get in my neck and shoulders. I have to say I still do not love going to the gym and perhaps I never will but I do feel on top of the world when I have made it through another hard workout. So my loathing of the gym has now turned into a casual friendship, we will never be madly in love with each other but enjoy the company once in a while.

How about you? Loathe or Love!

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  1. I am not exactly a lover of exercise yet it was exercise and working out that helped me during days of depression and anxiety… and there is a happy feeling to cold air hitting your face while you swish past on morning jogs, I suppose.


  2. Loathe. Haha. I don’t like sweating and feeling tired and disgusting. Though, the feeling AFTER, like one or two hours later, after I’ve had a long shower, it kind of feels good. It lets me sleep better at night too. But no, I’ll never love exercising.


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