I will admit patience has never been and probably never will be one of my virtues. I just don’t like to wait. This applies to many things. I am always early or on time and people who cannot manage to make it anywhere in a timely manner drive me crazy. If we are meeting at a certain time I expect you to be there. I hate sitting somewhere waiting. This also applies to work. I need to do my job and if my job relies on waiting for someone else to do something first and I am left waiting, forget it. I sit I stew and I get angry. In the first scenario this makes me not even want to do whatever it is we were going to do in the first place. In the second in makes me either want to do it myself even if it irritates you or rat you out to the powers that we and let the cards fall where they may. I admit it I do not have patience but sometimes I feel I am right to not have to. 

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