Flowers in the Attic – Thoughts – *spoilers*

Recently for my women’s book club we read the book Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. This was a book I had always wanted to read. I had heard about it for many years because of the controversy of the incest that takes place in the book. For me however; the theme and person I found most interesting was that of the mother Corrine.

This is a woman who seemed happy and filled with life. It appeared that she was genuinely in love with her husband and most happy to be a mother. When her husband passes she seems to turn cold distant and desperate. She allows her children to be locked up and hidden away from the world while she lives her own life. She starts by visiting her children often but gradually sees them less and less. She seems to buy their forgiveness with money and possessions yet she ceases to be a real mother to them at all. she marries and moves on with a life void of her children and seems completely happy. Money was her driving force but I fail to see how money can make a mother forget and abandon her own flesh and blood. It is sad to me that money can have so much power. It makes me wonder if she truly loved her children at all. What kind of weak person puts money and possessions over her own children? After her father dies she continues to let the children live a life of solitude. The only children she will ever have are locked away and in her fathers will it states if she has ANY known children she will loose every penny. So rather than run off and live with her family she marries and leaves them behind. She even goes as far as to poison them killing one of the twins Cory. It is hard to comprehend how one could do that to their own child merely for money.

The grandmother puzzles me as well. Is her hatred for the children merely from a religious standpoint or is there something else at the root? She warns the children to not eat sweets knowing the mother is trying to poison them yet she does nothing to help the children. She in fact herself whipped the chilled most cruelly. If the grandmother had her own money and had nothing to loose why did she aid her daughter in this? Was it because she loved her daughter and wanted her to be happy? It did not appear so.
I must say these two women figures utterly confuse me. I am hoping since we are going to read the entire series that some of my questions will be answered. Especially in the last book that is supposed to be a prequel to this book. I am hoping to understand these women and their motivations better. Can it be just the money? I would hate to think so.

We’ll thank you for reading. The next book we are reading is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I’ll let you know what I think.


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