New Insights

Wow, I haven’t posted in forever! A lot has changed in the past few years and has given me an entirely new insight on love, family and life. The year 2012 has been one of the worst and best years of my life and for that I am grateful as it has taught me to appreciate and treasure every moment life has to offer.

My sister at the tender age of 20 became unexpectedly pregnant and shocked our entire family. However we love and support her and I became an auntie for the first time in May to a beautiful little girl. She is adorable and precious and I love her unconditionally.  Shortly after we found out my sister was pregnant my grandmother went into the hospital and was in a drug induced coma for over a month, she is better now but we never did find out what went wrong, some sort of infection the doctors never identified.  The same day my grandmother went into the hospital my former step mom (whom I am extremely close to) had some numbness in her face and went to the hospital. She had a tumor in the thalmus at the center of her brain. She had surgery to have it removed just weeks after my niece was born.  Since then she had to have a shunt put in because fluid was building up and she is having depression and anxiety.  The doctors are still diagnosing her and figuring out a plan as they suspect there may be more tumors or issues with her pituitary and adrenal glands. So we are in a holding pattern until action can be decided.

Although this has been a long and stressful journey it has brought us all closer and made us value family even more. My step moms continuous postive attitude shows us the power of thought and its control over you. We have become stronger and more resilient and make a point to treasure every day we have together as a family.  You never know what life may throw at you but it is how you handle it that can make or break you.

My saving grace through these tough times has been the new man in my life, without his support and love I don’t know how I would have handled this.  After 5 years of being single and finding myself and becoming comfortable with who I am I decided it was time to date again.  I went online, as it is hard to meet people these days.  I went on a few dates here and there but on Feb 28’th 2012 I went on the date that would change my life. I had found the other half of my heart and couldn’t have been happier.  He has been my rock and support system.  Always there unconditionally. Starting off a new relationship with so many things going on with family, work and school sometimes it is hard to find someone who can deal with all that and still want to be there.  He did, every second of everyday he gave me the support and strength I needed to get through it all. After 6 months of being together he has moved in and we are very happy. He is still my rock, always there and so very supportive. I am taking a lot of school units and working full time and whenever I get stressed or overwhelmed he tells me “You can do this, I am so proud of you” makes me melt every time.  I have never had someone in my life who was so giving and supportive of me.

So I know I have new insights on life. Family love in unconditional and they are always there for each other good times and bad. Never forget to treasure your family every day and tell them how much you love them. And good true love comes at times when you need it most and most unexpectedly. You are each others rocks, support and love each other. Say I Love You every day! It matters.

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