Feeling Alive

Feeling Alive? Not today. Today is one of those days I woke up and silently begged for the opportunity to hide in bed the rest of the day. Basically I was tired and did not feel like going to work. Yet here at work I am, trudging along through the monotony of the work day. Sigh. I love my job and for the most part my life BUT when the coffee doesn’t work you know you are in for one long day. It has been a busy week. Last Saturday I went out with the girls. Lots of fun, got home around 4am. Spent Sunday watching movies with friends, all kinds of movies. It was a lazy day as we were all tired from the night before. Went to bed early, Why? Monday morning 8:30am My Mom, Step Dad, Brother and 2 sisters headed to Santa Cruz California.

Ok I must elaborate on Monday and Tuesday at Santa Cruz because it takes on a much different tone than the one I was expressing but a few brief sentences ago.

In Santa Cruz I truly felt alive. There is nothing more comforting and breathtaking than watching the waves crash on the sandy shore as you lounge in the hot sun. We body surfed and bobbed over the waves as the crashed in. Too much fun. Walked along the wharf during the sunset and had amazing dinner at Olitas Mexican and Seafood Cantina.  The rest of the evening we rode rides on the Boardwalk until they closed at 11am. What a great day and rush. Spending time with family and enjoying nature makes you feel at peace in a way day-to-day life never can.

Tuesday morning I woke up early. My sisters were still sleeping so I texted my mother in the next room knowing she would be up as well.  Sure enough her and my step dad were. So we went to the continental breakfast grabbed coffee and a bagel and headed to the beach. We walked along the shore and stared out into the ocean. With it being so early in the morning there were no people and all you could hear was the soothing waves coming in and the cooing of the birds. That’s what it is to feel alive to sit and stare off into the inifinitness that is nature and know you are only a small part of such a beautiful world. Maybe I sound sappy and over emotional but after coming back to work and sitting here in my cubicle working away like a drone, I would give anything to go back to that moment on the beach.

But here I am at work, planning to go to the gym tonight woohoo. Need to pack because I am going to Redding tomorrow with my mom and sister to visit my Great Grandma. Love seeing Grandma but there is NOTHING to do in Redding. Thank God I love to read. Although I must say I have been making an amazing dent in my to read pile, yeah me!

Ok I know back to work, let the monotony continue. sigh.

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