2018!!!! I got this



  1. Lose 50 lbs minimum
  2. Complete 60 day yoga challenge/Do 2/26 more regularly
  3. Read Bible
  4. Work on mindful meditation- ideally everyday at min 10 min
  5. Read books on Buddhism
  6. Connect with myself more spiritually
  7. Get promoted at work
  8. Get healthier, work towards getting off high BP and diabetes medication
  9. Enjoy 1st year of marriage 🙂

Assess at end of the year and see what I have accomplished.

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Gratitude can brighten a day

I think it is so important to show gratitude to those around you. The people who may not realize how much of a difference they make in your life.

It can be family, friends, yoga instructors, checkers all kinds of people. If you just take a moment to stop and share your gratitude you can brighten a persons day.

So take a moment next time you feel grateful to someone and let them know!

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Gone too long

Wow I have been away a long time. Sorry about that. Life has been busy.

I did complete my 60 day yoga challenge and am almost done with a 30 day one for the fall.

I got engaged 2/28/17 and married 9/23/17. So lots to discuss.

I plan on writing more and hope to breath some new life into this blog.

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60 Day Yoga Challenge – Week 1

One week and 10 classes down! Only 50 more classes to complete before May 22nd, 2017. My body is adjusting to this new regimen and each class feels better and better. I have made sure to have a nice mix of each type of class and am looking forward to the weeks ahead. Not only have I finished week one but I have also lost -1.2 lbs!

For those who care here is my Week One breakdown.

Friday 3/24/17- Yoga Nidra- A nice meditation to begin the challenge.

Saturday 3/25/17- Bikram A Full and juicy class (very humid) followed by a meditation clad about “Embracing the Challenge”.

Sunday 3/26/17 – Yin an nice hour of deep stretching

Monday 3/27/17 – Bikram- a great class for me and I am starting to get in a groove.

Tuesday 3/28/17 – 5:30am Inferno Hot Pilates. A great way to start the day

Wed 3/29/17 –  90 min yin. Such a relaxing and great stretch.

Thurs 3/30/17 – Another 5:30am Hot pilates and 4:30pm Bikram. A lot of sweat in one day but it felt fantastic.

Friday 3/31/17 –  4:30pm Bikram to unwind from my week.

I am feeling great and am hoping to keep this drive and positivity. Here is to a new Week! Make it a great one!

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Calm, Focus, Clarity….New Beginning

I have been quite absent on here and am hoping to remedy the situation. I am starting a 60 day yoga challenge at my yoga studio on March 24th 2017. I will be blogging to keep an account of my yogi experience. As I am recently engaged I am hoping that this challenge will not only help me in my weight loss goal but will help me find a deeper understanding of myself as a person. I am planning to reset my mind and absorb everything that this experience can offer, including my sense of calm and focus. I would also like to find a deeper sense of meditation clarity an analyze my mind and bodies response.

The classes I will be taking as part of this challenge are: Yoga Nidra (guided mediation class 60min), YIN (non heated deep stretching 60/90min), Inferno Hot Pilates (High intensity low impact interval at 95 degrees 60min) and Bikram (26 postures x 2 sets each 105 degrees, 90 min).

I am very excited to start this journey and hope you all enjoy hearing about my progress.


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And Life Happens

I did not finish my A to Z but plan on putting up a post soon to conclude in a single entry.

Between my boss going back to the hospital and passing away after a 5 year battle with cancer and my Hawaiian vacation the blog quickly took a backseat.

That said I am hoping to get back on track shortly.

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rRemember to rest. We are always so busy with social plans, work, family and relationships sometimes we forget to just take a break. I personally enjoy a little nap on my weekend. A brief recharge if you will. If you don’t rest you will eventually burn out.

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I am a day behind but I am catching up and will schedule some ahead so it doesn’t happen again.


Who doesn’t love a little peace and quiet? I personally enjoy my quiet time. It gives me a empty space to think, feel and just be without any external stimulus. Some people hate quiet moments in a conversation or around people. One of my favorite things about my significant other is that we can sit together in complete silence and be perfectly happy.

How about you?

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Life is full of pressures. Work, family and friends to name a few. I personally have a hard time not letting the pressures of life get to me. But if I take a minute and breathe it helps bring the important things to the surface and the superficial things slip away. I am not saying important things wont have pressure but it is important to focus on what we can do instead of worrying about things we can’t do or change.

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We make many choices in our lives. One of the big ones is whether we choose to be optimistic or pessimistic. This choice can make a huge impact. If you make that effort to live an optimistic life you will find yourself not only happier but your happy positive thoughts affecting those around you.

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