Z – Zen

Oh so much Zen in Japan. From the Zen temples to the Zen gardens.

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Y -Yen

We really enjoyed using the Japanese Yen, I especially loved that $5 and under (approximately) was in coins which was a great excuse to buy a cute coin purse. The 1 yen was so light they say it floats in water. Kind of cool.

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X – X Does not exist in Japanese language

So today is a mere fun fact because I always seem to have trouble with X.

Fun Fact: There is no X in Japanese

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W – Walking

According to my fitbit we walked 63.3 miles in the 10 days we were in Japan. We walked when we could and took the train other times. Most of the easy walking was in Kyoto because with the square blocks it was harder to get lost and the population was less dense. This was one of those vacations we lost weight because we burned off petty much everything we ate.

The sights while walking made you barely even realize how far you had gone.

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V-Vending Machines

So epic fail on my part. We did not take a picture of a single vending machine in Japan and they were so neat. They had a vending machine for pretty much everything. Soda, tea, sake, beer, hot soup, cigarettes and so many more. Almost anything you could need they had a vending machine for. It was cool and they were everywhere you went. Just google Japanese vending machines and you can see what I am taking about.

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U – Umbrellas

With rain off and on throughout our trip and the typhoon coming through on our last night umbrellas were everywhere and very affordable.

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T – Tokyo

Tokyo Japan is so large and the amount of people is staggering. There is something for everyone. I especially enjoyed all the different types of architecture seen through out the city.

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S – Shogun/Golden Pavilion

My favorite structure and the surrounding gardens were stunning. The shoguns son converted into a zen Buddhist temple.

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R – Robot Dinner Show

The Robot Dinner Show was one of the most touristy things we did and we absolutely loved it. Robots and neon lights, Kaijuu (big monsters) and fun music. This show had it all. Now for some who do not know about all the crazy Japanese stuff like this, they may not enjoy it but we sure did. It was crazy and fun. We did not eat there as I am Celiac and so much of what they served had gluten in it but I did go for some sparkling Sake mmmmm.

So there are tons of pictures I will try and post only a few here. Enjoy!

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Q – Quest for electrolyes

The quest for electrolytes may seem like a strange topic for a honeymoon/anniversary trip but let me tell you, it was so very important. We knew the weather was supposed to be in the mid 70’s F while we were there, perfect. We did not realize the humidity was sometimes at 90%. This meant sweating, a lot of sweating. We looked at the store. Saw nothing remotely resembling Gatorade. I knew if we didn’t find something to replenish from the sweating it was going to be a miserable trip. So thanks to the wonderful Google my husband was able to find that there were 2 types for sports drinks high in electrolytes Pocari Sweat and Aquarius. We lived on both for the remaining 8 days after we found them. I actually really likes them and was luckily able to find small bottles of them at a Japanese store at the Mall near us.

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